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The Sports Management Institute

Creating a highly academic, graduate-level business program for athletic administrators.

The Sports Management Institute was founded by Mike McGee, former Athletic Director at the University of Southern California and the University of South Carolina. McGee’s concept was developed in 1989 as a joint venture of the athletic departments and business administration schools of the founding universities — Southern California, Notre Dame and North Carolina. The goal was to create a highly academic, graduate-level business program for athletic administrators.

Over the past 28 years, the Sports Management Institute has evolved. Beginning with the 1997-98 class, the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) joined SMI as a participating sponsor of the program. In 2000, the Institute added two sponsoring institutions — The University of Michigan and The University of Texas. In 2006, the University of Georgia became a sponsoring institution of SMI.


Upcoming Sessions

2020-21 program:

The University of Notre Dame
June 22-26, 2020

The University of Southern California
January 21-23, 2021

2021-22 program:

The University of Michigan
June 20-25, 2021

The University of Texas
January 27-29, 2022



Nicki W. Moore, Ph.D.

Vice President and Director of Athletics, Colgate University

Many of us are not formally trained in the complexities of professionally managing an athletics department, and SMI helped to fill that gap. To go through this intensive learning experience with a set of diverse colleagues was challenging, rewarding and fun. Keeping up with the great things my classmates are doing in the profession has underscored the impact SMI has had on all of us.

Allen Greene

Director of Athletics, Auburn University

Participating in the Sports Management Institute was invaluable for me because it perfectly blended relevant industry education and networking opportunities - both of which I still utilize today.

Bubba Cunningham

Director of Athletics, University of North Carolina

Attending the Sports Management Institute was a very rewarding experience, with many relationships I formed with my classmates remaining strong today and have been beneficial throughout my career.

Jim Ross

Vice President, Business Development, New York Yankees

The Sports Management Institute was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that everyone interested in a career in sports should take advantage of. One of the most beneficial aspects was the opportunity to interact both formally and informally with other class members. I learned a great deal about my own area of professional responsibility as well as the duties of my colleagues. I would most certainly recommend SMI to my peers in professional sports.



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